Glo-Waste Manager


Glo-Waste Manager

i-SWE system for improved health outcomes and food production enables integrated management of waste and its bi-products. In its own right, the system automates various waste management and manure generation process steps. Most importantly:

Municipal council manages the waste disposal site. Research and Academic activities are tracked- from project start to implementing practical solutions. Waste collection firms tendered to collect waste from various municipal zone track their activities and business.

Biodegradable waste recycling process is explicitly tracked, using tokens attracting generation of more manure and boosting productivity of the soils for consecutive seasons, enhancing nutritious food production.

Waste sorters use it to manage their savings and gains, achieving financial management,enables discovery of the where, what, how of the waste, the waste staging and recycling into, on and off-site.

it avails facilities to support market: stocking and the actual selling.

Description of the Innovation

gloWaste manager is a waste management system that is utilized by the waste management site at Kenkombe (the municipal council waste management team/site). The system is utilized not only to manage the site activities but also the site shop / market. Moreover, the system has facilities that are utilize by waste creators, waste collection companies; site management; the site shop/ market and finally the Municipal Council. It is composed of these modules:

  • a) Waste collection module
  • b) Site management : Utilized by council to manage the site. The site receives all waste from WCos and records the waste received incl. Contents, type, amount, zonal area. Using the system, site managers incl. Employees can record and monitor waste recycling (the bio-decomposed, sorting, waste treatment; attendance monitoring and the reward system for the waste sorters
  • c) Communication : provides support for team communication with municipal council.
  • d) Tendering : interacts with the system through facilities for providing invoices, tender management including assigning/ allocating WCo to city zones. Invoices are forwarded for payment to WCos at the end of the month. They publish tender and public information on (3i).
  • e) Marketing : W-Sw site shop utilities the system to make sales, invoices, receipts, etc., as a money generation for the site. Those that tender the shop products receive update information for the site products via this platform.
  • f) Information resource: Is a web portal providing support to the public with information on tendors, awarded oppotunities, which companies attached to which region, plus the adverts of what products are available at the site shop for the public (farmers, private companies and organisations (government). homesteads, companies, health facilities interact with gloWaste Manager through a public resource page available online with the waste collection information. This includes information on which companies collect waste in respective areas plus their contacts. These contact them via alerts or a phone call about waste in a their area. The public can utilise it to estimate, report, drop alarms for urgent need of services.